Our Guide to Piccadilly

Piccadilly is the favourite choice due to its excellent location, it is easy to fall in love with Piccadilly Circus’ bright lights and social hotspots. London’s West End is an urban, stylish nook for the weekend thrill seekers. Piccadilly offers an array of impressive restaurants and bars to unwind and submerge yourself in the vibrant West end. Piccadilly is the gateway to expand your London adventures with its exemplary routes around London. With decorative retail, service and finishing touches it is no surprise London West End entices travellers from all walks of life.

Piccadilly lights

London’s answer to Time Square, stand back in amazement as the sizeable, vibrant ads dominate your attention. It’s impossible to miss this unforgettable landmark light up the entire circle throughout the night. The perfect evening activity that won’t cost you a thing.


Krichet infuses British industrial aesthetics and ingredients to their Indian tapas restaurant. Unwind in the relaxed environment after the dramatic Piccadilly lights of the West End whilst indulging in the Brixton infused Indian delicacies, allow the fragrant and flavoursome ingredients fuel your west end adventure.

Be at One

Be at One combines both the feel-good vibe with the perfect get up and dance playlist and the comfort of a relaxing lounge to sit back and enjoy a selection of playful cocktails created by the most experienced mixologists in Piccadilly.