Our Guide to Chinatown, London

Nestled between Leicester Square and Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London’s Chinatown is the heart of the city. Bustling throughout the day with cultured foodies and shoppers, nightlife in Chinatown is every bit as energetic so any time is a good time to visit London’s Chinatown.  A popular choice for tourists to experiences the perfect Asian infused experience, full to the brim with restaurants, bakeries, shops and bars, Chinatown is the ideal alternative to the humdrum London tourist spots.

Chinese Markets

Meander through the exotic ingredients at New Loon Moon and Seewoo Supermarkets for a unique shopping experience, discover spices and fruits contrary to the mundane supermarket shop.

Tao Tao Ju

Indulging in street food is part of the Chinatown experience but if walking and eating is a multi-tasking nightmare then escape the hustle and bustle in one of Chinatowns more refined Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisines. Tao Tao Ju has something for the spice seeker and the flavour fans and can cater from couples to groups.

Peony Bar

Take a journey back to luxuriant 1920s Hong Kong opium themed cocktail bar. Peony takes the presentation to a whole new level with their theatrical inspired cocktail glasses, the all singing all dancing delivery of your concoction will impress you as you work your way through their newly launched Chinese city influenced menu of mixology.